Hi, I am Anna, the Italian designer, the founder of Artmishka Cross Stitch and the creative force behind all our patterns.

I’ve been a cross stitch addict for nearly 40 years, since my grandfather showed me how to work my first cross stitch.

Creating cross stitch designs was always a part of my stitching process. Every time when I couldn’t find a pattern that I wanted; I made my own. As my designs have evolved, I started to receive some requests to make custom patterns, that I was happily accepting as a hobby.

Back in 2017 I was spending my time working (almost 24-7) as an executive in a big hotel corporation. But when I went on maternity leave with my son, I decided to leave hotels behind and concentrate on my favorite craft!

I wanted to design realistic, illustrative, yet easy and relatively fast to stitch cross stitch charts, that would make people smile and being proud of this amazing embroidery form. I started selling my designs as instant downloads on Etsy in 2018.

I was totally thrilled about the response I got from stitchers of all ages and from all over the world: they loved my designs!

Artmishka patterns were featured in Just Cross Stitch magazine, Zweigart Designer Booklet, Kreuzstitch (Germay), Crossstitcher – Russia.  In 2019, following popular request, I launched my first Tutorial How to make cross stitch patterns, that is still the Bestseller in my shop.

I am committed to providing our customers with excellent service and the best patterns for your needs at a reasonable price.

Please contact me with your comments, questions, and ideas at info@artmishkacrossstitch.com

Happy Stitching!