Copyright and terms of use

Terms of use

All rights reserved. No portion of this blog or website, including any text, photographs, patterns, graphics, and artwork, may be reproduced, or copied without written permission. This includes using images, patterns, or art from Artmishka Cross Stitch to create other art or patterns from.

Customer protection

In addition to protecting our work and designs, these policies help to protect our customers from purchasing fraudulent copies of our work. Only purchase from the authorized sellers to avoid disappointments or money lost.

Copyright policy

Artmishka Cross Stitch hold the copyright to all patterns on this website. By purchasing or downloading our patterns (including free patterns) you agree to follow the usage rules as below.

Thank you to our many customers out there who help advise us of people abusing these rules.

Copyright infringement is a crime. It can destroy the livelihood of many gifted artists (whether the infringement is intentional or not). If you are caught abusing our copyrights be aware that legal proceedings can occur.


– redistribute, reproduce, sell, or share in any manner our patterns. For every pattern that is passed to another person that is a missed sale for the designer. We work many late hours to bring these patterns to you. You would not steal from a shop, do not steal from us.

– post or send messages offering to pass our pdf patterns, or patterns printed from our pdf files, onto others whether for profit or not.

– alter or claim our patterns as your own creations.

– mass produce the patterns as stitched items for sale. If you intend to sell more than 5 completed works you will need to contact me for licensing rights.


– make a working copy of the pattern to stitch from if required, for your personal use only. It is common practice to destroy a printed working copy upon completion of a pattern

– complete our cross stitch patterns and sell the completed hand stitched item (however if you intend to sell more than 5 completed works you will need to contact me for licensing rights

– give your completed hand stitched item as gifts for non profit to anyone.

We reserve the right to change these rules at any time should the need arise. Any changes we may make in the future will be listed on this page